Gretel Marie, 26, WAgretel

“There are times when the universe knocks on your door and presents you with gifts of insight – this is exactly how I felt when having my cards ready by Arcelia. I was very impressed with her warmth and perception – Arcelia has a true gift and connects incredibly well, not only with her cards, but with your souls energy as well. She paints a clear and hopeful picture with a focus on healing and positive transformation. After all was said and done, I felt grounded and refreshed; able to see my situation from a higher perspective… everything a tarot reading should be! <3”


BUTTERCUPPPPButtercup, Miami, FL

Bodybuilding Champion, Spiritual Guru, Former Lawyer


“Arcelia Francis is a flipping FORCE of NATURE This DIVINE GODDESS speaks #TRUTH walks #TRUTH…she flipping is #TRUTH From compassion and with endless LOOOOVE her insights ..her Guidance and her Superpowers take u straight from suffering onto the golden stairway to HEAVEN to say that i love u and admire u deeply darling ARCELIA is the understatement of the century!”


FB_IMG_1525058436930Breann Price, Arkansas, US

Dreamwork Coach and TFAS Leader

“Arcelia is absolutely amazing and gifted. I just received an in depth and very detailed reading from her. All of my questions were answered through her reading and so many details revealed to me. I’ve had many readings in the past but this by far was the most accurate and powerful one ever. My mind is blown as I’m still absorbing everything from the reading. The reading is done in person over video chat and it was beautiful to watch her channel massages as she read the cards. When she opens up her website to share her gifts, you definitely have to get a reading from her! ❤️❤️😊”

Breann is a phenomenal dreamworker and can decipher hidden messages from the divine within your dream. Please learn more about her work here.


received_10160353316345597Angie Moggy, Canada

Energy Worker, Reiki Master Healer (Distance Irrelevant), Teacher/Mentor, and TFAS Leader

“Over the years, I have received many readings, but Arcelia is by far the best I have ever had. God speaks through Arcelia and provides very detailed guidance and next steps. It comes so naturally from her, it is beautiful to see. I will only ever get readings from Arcelia now. I can’t express how truly gifted she is. She is utterly divine! Please find out for yourself, book a session with her today!! I’ve got a few readings from Arcelia and she continues to blow my mind. I’ve had so many readings and many were fantastic but Arcelia is in a league of her own. Truly beautiful to see her in her divine greatness 

I highly recommend her energy healing services, I can personally vouch that her remote Reiki work can initiate huge changes within your life instantaniously. Check her site out here.


Celeste Wells

Pennsylvania, United States

Arcelia is gifted and her reading resonated with my heart. She was able to see into my past, present and counsel me on my future. Her insight was so good I cried as I listened to the reading as I recognized feelings and situations so personal to me. Arcelia is love and there are few who are able to tell you what you need to hear to grow with compassion. I will stay in touch and be certain to get additional insight as I make my journey. ❤️❤️❤️


gloriaGloria Grace

Budapest, Hungary

My session with Arcelia was amazing!! 
Oh my, she is such a pro! From the very first minute i felt extremely safe in working with her, even if i was upheaving like crazy. I had a combination of triggers and fears and how Arcelia assured me in the beginning that we will uproot anything whats needed gave me so much peace and hope. And we really did. She helped me identifying at least 4 big blocks/fears in my inner child’s feelings and the priceless insights and wisdom she told me to tell my inner child was really really healing for my inner child. I like when a coach leads me with confidence and she really did that. I feel way better already. Not to mention all the encouragement she gave me, it felt like honey from God!
I highly recommend you working with her in the future, God has so much to give you trough her! Thank you sweet Arcelia Francis!! 💗💙💗


victoria!Victoria Denise

Lousiana, United States

I had a session with Arcelia that words cannot do justice. She guided me through my anxiety and upsets immediately and did so in such a confident and loving manner that she immediately put me at ease. She helped me to tackle some issues I had not been looking at and when she worked through them with me, I could feel that she was channeling pure wisdom and love and speaking straight to my heart. I left the session feeling lighter after having released so much long term emotional baggage, confident, and just overall amazing. I saw really outstanding results from being able to love and claim myself more fully and I know that’s all thanks to the work she helped me do during our session. I recommend her to anyone who wants to get to a powerful and loving session!


kristinazKristina Zlokarnik

California, United States

I’m completely speechless trying to describe my experience working with Arcelia Francis. I feel like words are incapable of accurately describing it to the extent that it deserves. HOLY HEAVENS she is flippin’ gifted.
It’s been 24 hours since our session and God is still reaffirming the exact words that Arcelia said to me. Right after our call, I opened A Course in Miracles on my kindle app, and she had literally channeled the passage that was open on my SCREEN. Following that, I played an episode of How I Met your Mother, and guess what the first line of the fricken episode was: SOMETHING ELSE SHE HAD JUST TOLD ME! Arcelia IS THE QUEEN OF CHANNELING LOL. “You never know when you’re about to meet someone really important. It’s not like life gives you a warning. You just look up and there they are.”
All jokes aside, what I had never experienced before, was dropping into my heart space and being called out for leaving it- the moment I would come up and open my eyes she would ask me what my resistance was. Such beautiful awareness.
Arcelia’s presence is so warm and nurturing it makes you feel so safe and supported, and helps you access parts of yourself you didn’t even realize were there.
This session was so freaking juicy and since am communicating with God more than ever. Arcelia took me to what feels like a whole level deeper into Love. Thank you ❤️


lusalehLu Saleh

Saudi Arabia

I had my session with my sister Arcelia 😍, Honestly it was [ DIVINE ].
Her presence is so juicy and nurturing, she hold a space for me to process my feelings the whole time, and stand by my side as a [ TRUE FRIEND ].

TY Arcelia Francis, I love you so much 😘.


alexandraAlexandra Kristen Yoder

Atlanta, Georgia, US

I just had a session with Arcelia Francis and I am truly at a loss for words with how AMAZING she has been. We made some MAJOR breakthroughs and the entire time it was just so fun and easy like chatting with a best friend. She really channeled God with her amazing insights and provided the perfect feedback for the upsets that I was feeling. I never knew that healing of this intensity could be this light and freeing and for the first time I truly felt the meaning of “letting it be easy.” It really just blew my mind how she just KNEW how to work through every single block I could present to be healed and the entire time she was just SO loving and caring towards me. I wish I could write more but I am still processing everything that has just happened and I’m still glowing from all of the immense amounts of healing. I so HIGHLY recommend booking a session with her because she is just so freaking amazing! I feel the most amazing amount of confidence now and love for myself that I never knew was possible!