Who am I?

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A beautiful summer’s day in Upstate New York.

Hello! My name is Arcelia Francis, and it is my pleasure to introduce myself to you. Let me start out by saying that I am a Coach and a healer. My purpose here on Earth is to bring people back into alignment with their true identities so they can live to their highest potential. At a very young age, I struggled with being raised into an identity that did not reflect the truth of who I was. I am a transgender woman, and I was assigned male at birth by society. All my life I struggled with balancing self-acceptance and society’s expectations of who I should be, which nursed a rather tumultuous emotional state that I carried all throughout my life. I went through immense pain and I thought the challenges were insurmountable, until I came across the work of my spiritual teachers Jeff and Shaleia Ayan. I was taught by them how to heal my pain, and to more importantly love myself for who I was as a woman, regardless of how society felt about my choice to transition. Upon mastering self love, miracles manifested into my life almost immediately, and I even noticed people’s perspectives about me changing for the better as I healed the way I viewed myself.

I wish to bring this work to you and utilize my mastery of this teaching to help you get to where I am right now with self love, confidence, and success. I can proudly say that I am the most confident woman when I walk into a room, and no one argues about my capabilities now that I’ve taken my life back from the threshold of fear. As a coach, I will bring you into alignment with your truth and teach you how to pave the way into your perfect life and move you through any obstacles you believe are preventing you from claiming your success. I will show you just how powerful you are in creating your reality with the power of self love and acceptance, nothing will be able to stop you from manifesting your dreams once you learn this teaching.

My Journey to the Ultimate Twin Flame Community

Soon after discovering the term Twin Flame and coming to terms with was was really going on between me and someone who I thought I was just starstruck with, I started searching for answers. I unfortunately stumbled across some Twin Flame mentors that believed and taught that not all Twin Flames are lucky enough to end up together (which is a complete lie). Fortunately for me, this journey of listening to Twin Flame liars didn’t last must longer than two months and I was led to Jeff and Shaleia’s Youtube channel. For the first time I felt like all that I was encountering was beginning to make sense, and not long after feeling a profound state of peace gained from their videos, my Twin Flame magically appeared as if to signify that this was the way, and these people held the key.

Since discovering their work, I have been on an immense journey of healing and transformation, and my life continues to grow and evolve. I have never been so fulfilled as I am today, a massive contrast to the hell I endured on a day to day basis prior to encountering my Divine Compliment for the first time. You can get involved with Jeff and Shaleia at ©twinflamesuniverse.com or on the Twin Flames Ascension School open forum on Facebook, I shall provide links below. I implore you to investigate their work as it has completely changed my life for eternity and nothing else could possibly compare to their work (that is not an exaggeration). We are a booming and ever expanding community intent on bringing Heaven to Earth, and we are all going to be in Union with our beloved Twin Flames, guaranteed. You can also see me and my classmates diligently working with our teachers in Twin Flame Ascension School.

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My Twin Flame Teachers, Jeff and Shaleia Ayan

JeffandshaleiaK3I want you to look into this couples eyes and tell me that you do not see unconditional love. These people are among the only Twin Flames that were able to enter a harmonious union without going back into separation whilst being fully aware of the depth of their connection. When Jeff and Shaleia came into harmonious union, they knew in the deepest place within their hearts that this unconditional love had to be shared with the rest of the world. In their selflessness they brought to us the Mirror Exercise, an incomprehensibly powerful tool to heal the fragmented shards within yourself that believe in separation between you and your Twin Flame. This Mirror Exercise is part and parcel to achieving union with your Divine Compliment, and there is no other technique like it that will bring you back in alignment with unconditional love, and ultimately your Beloved. As they’ve both evolved, and as they continue to, they invent and bring about innovative ways to bring more and more Twin Flames into union through their healing work. 

However, what makes Jeff and Shaleia different from other Twin Flame teachers? I’ll make it simple for you, they are the only ones that do not preach Separation Consciousness or the lie of certainty. Too many people have been burned in the past by Twin Flame teachers seeking to profit off of their vulnerability, and it has only led to people believing that they and their Twin Flames are simply not meant to be together in this life. This is an illusion. Jeff and Shaleia’s work completely shatters that illusion, and your illusion of separation is no special circumstance that can not be cured. Invest in their book, Twin Flame’s: Finding Your Ultimate Lover to get started. It is available on Kindle and soon Paperback, and it is very cheap. I shall provide the link below in the image so you can make the first true investment into your Twin Flame Union, which is inevitable might I add.

61I8FqeKWJLJeff and Shaleia’s work empowers you to do this for yourself, you alone have the power, they don’t. They are only the messengers, but it is your choice whether to be their student or not. I implore you to love yourself enough and take your first real step into union with your Twin Flame, you owe yourself that much after being apart for countless eons.

Let Me Help You

xxcertifiedxxAs someone who is rather experienced on the Twin Flame journey I have walked the road less traveled. I know how to heal from separation consciousness so you can achieve Harmonious Union with your true Twin Flame. Thanks to the teachers I told you about above I know the ins and outs of this journey and look forward to helping you heal! I offer readings and coaching sessions to help you heal the separation consciousness between you and the love of your life, I am rather adept at using my intuition to help you get to the core of each block so you can find love and peace in that space so you can attract your twin flame into your life permanently. I am a certified Live Student of Jeff and Shaleia and look forward to offering you the best Twin Flame coaching you can get! See you soon!