Selecting Your Name With the Divine

So I thought I’d share something with anyone who’s trans and having trouble with picking a name. Or anybody for that matter that feels like their name isnt aligned with who they really are.

So I was having an upset about the name I picked, Arcelia. It felt awkward, like it was too much, or it somehow didnt fit me. I also struggled with the fact that I had to pick my own name and was not named correctly at birth for obvious reasons. The big upset in particular though was fearing that I did not pick the right name.

So let me share a little story about the name.

I was once playing a game a while ago when I was like 16. In the game this super minor passerby character was named Arcelia. Something about the name instantaneously ripped right through me. It was the most beautiful name I’d ever heard. Years later I was considering many different names to adopt as my one true name. The ones that came accross were Rain, Raven, Samara etc. Names that might fit without being “too much”.

Suddenly I got the urge to look up the name I had heard all those years ago. Arcelia. The name had three meanings, Treasure Chest, Heavenly Homemaker, and Altar of Heaven. The name was perfect. It represented everything that I wanted to be as a woman and as a soul incarnate in human form. Funny thing is, I always viewed my ideal setting as a stay at home wife, and I love creating a clean beautiful environment for a family. I’m also pagan, I love crystal altars and anything related to bringing higher vibrations down to Earth from Heaven.

When I tapped back into this knowledge I learned something. I was getting upset all this time thinking my name was incorrect or awkward because I picked it and assumed it, but the truth is, GOD named me. GOD gave me this identity to embody, and Arcelia represents my avatar flawlessly. I literally could not have possibly picked a better name because I recieved it from God long before I knew it would even be mine.

The name is rare, exotic and beautiful, for someone just like me. And God has a name for somebody just like you. You need not look for a name because you already have one, its the one that feels right in your heart of hearts. If you don’t know what it is yet, ask god to show you. After all, we are unlearning who we thought we were and beginning to embrace who God made us as originally. I sure hope this makes your name selection process a lot easier, because I think it takes precious consideration with the help of God to find the perfect name to match your perfect identity.

Like how everyone has a perfect divine lover, I believe everyone has a perfect divine name. ❤


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