Introducing My Lovely Decks!!

These are all of the tarot decks I will be using! I have a special relationship with each of my decks as they all hold a special energy meant for specific situations. I will give a brief summary for each deck. Tarot and Oracle cards are not just toys to me, they are alive to me, and I experience a unique thread of life within each card I hold in my hand. I hope you will find the selection expansive enough to choose a preferred option for your reading if you choose to get one from me! I will be adding more decks to this blog entry as time goes on, I am a collector after all! Now lets get started!! ❤


Oracle Decks


Romance Angels Oracle

The Romance Angels Oracle’s name speaks for itself! This deck hold a unique and loving way of giving messages to the recipient should they inquire about their love lives. I find this deck always steers me on the right path of growth in regards to my beloved Twin Flame so I can optimize personal progress as I nurture my union from within. The Romance Angels love to work with matters of the heart and this oracle deck is the perfect medium to channel their guidance. The message is always genuine and pure… ❤



Goddess Guidance Oracle

This probably my personal favorite Oracle Deck…And that says a lot!! As a pagan that holds eclectic traditions, this deck was a godsend for me! The opportunity to work with some of the most influential goddesses from across a variety of pantheons has been absolutely incredible. I do a lot of healing work with the goddesses and they’ve helped me initiate much needed changes within my life. This deck is highly feminine, so clients with a more masculine polarity might not identify as well with them, or they may, I could be wrong! None-the-less this deck has the most beautiful divinely channeled messages within them from the goddesses themselves, I love it so so much. The goddesses can be invoked easily and they’re each a powerful embodiment of the divine, and can help you make some serious progress should you choose to work with them, and should one reveal herself to you in our reading!!



Life Purpose Oracle (New!)

This oracle deck focuses entirely on Life Purpose work and all things related. This is a particularly useful deck for helping you discover the truth about what your life purpose really is, and what you need to overcome to embrace it entirely. This is another Doreen Virtue like the two decks above, and is very high quality. I recommend this deck for anyone who wants me to help them read into their life’s work or career. This is the optimal deck for the journey of calling in financial abundance.


The Viking Oracle

This is another one of my favorites! The images carry a rather archaic kind of aura about them, but with a deep power underneath that energy. I would say this deck is more aligned with those who seek to embrace more of their strength and the power within. The Viking Oracle carries a bit of weight to its messages and is easy for me to channel as I’ve had Nordic past lives and feel quite connected to the Norse pantheon in comparison to other faiths. The Viking Oracle is a deck that means business, and its a wise deck to choose from should you ask for a deep and a meaningful message that’s going to get you moving and show you see the big picture. This is a mighty deck, but a clear one too that I find hits home every time. I recommend it for those looking to get to the heart of the matter on a deep soul level. This deck is comfortable for masculine and feminine energies.



Isis Oracle

I would have to say this oracle carries the deepest spiritual undertones of any deck I’ve worked with to date. The imagery is beautiful and bright, and carries a primal power to it much like the Viking Oracle above. The spiritual messages within the book itself are extremely intricate and carry much beauty and detail about them. I rarely pull a card from this deck because a single card drawn is a lot of energy to take in, as Isis is a goddess that seeks to bring you directly into the light and lead you onto a path of renewal, discovery, and rapid growth. I feel the goddess Isis herself whenever I work with this oracle, her energy is wonderful and supportive, she encourages yet she nurtures, all in one powerful divine message. I assure you, if you request this deck, she will have a message for you, and for only you and it will synchronize with your evolution as a sovereign child of the universe perfectly. Expect a deep and lasting connection should you choose this deck, Isis will leave an impression on you you’ll never forget. 🙂



The Healing Oracle: Crystal Reading Cards

The Crystal Reading Cards are amazing! This oracle has high definition imagery for each card that represents its respective crystal. You will get a divine message from the “Crystal Devas” associated with each crystal card. This is an amazing deck because it will lead you onto a path of self healing, better yet, a path of self healing you do not have to walk alone. In fact the Crystal Devas are eager to work with and heal the recipient that calls them in when a card is revealed. For example, I received the “Herkimer Diamond” card once and it represented working with dreams of the metaphorical sense as well as the kind you get when you sleep! I chose to listen to the card’s advice and I grabbed a couple big chunks of herkimer diamond I bought a while back and put them on my pillow to help me sleep. That night, I did some of the most powerful dream work of my life and woke with a refreshed, healed perspective on my journey. Whatever the Crystal Devas are, they are an embodiment of something pure and kind, and they want to help you heal. This deck also encourages you to get the associated crystal of that card for further healing!


Tarot Decks

Rider-Waite Tarot

If you wanna get in touch with the tarot progenitor, here you go. This is the classic tarot deck and has a rather overshadowing vibration to it that still sets it apart from other decks. I’ve worked with this tarot deck for a very long time, and its the deck I am absolutely most accustomed to. Some of the imagery would be what some consider dark or intimidating, but with how I use the cards the image rarely means something as ominous. This is an old and still potent tarot to use and if you want answers that cut to the root, this is the deck for you. I will add that this is a deck that likes to reveal what you are not paying enough mind to, but the message is rarely illusive with this deck. For the sake of tradition, many feel drawn to the Rider-Waite Tarot. I also recommend it as the general one-size-fits-all  tarot deck.



Robin Wood Tarot

This is dubbed by many as the New Age tarot deck, and as such is also very beautiful. This deck offers a much “brighter” take on the original Rider-Waite tarot, and frankly carries a higher vibration in the imagery. Its a much better deck to choose between the two if you prefer a more luminous, spiritual take on a reading. The deck is wonderful and friendly, but still comfortable for those who prefer the original tarot deck. I recommend this deck for people beginning on their spiritual journey, the deck is enrapturing and offers a bright new perspective for an aspiring spiritualist!


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The Druid Craft Tarot

This is hands down my favorite tarot deck to work with. It combines beautiful, finely detailed imagery with ancient Celtic myth to deliver a message of profound meaning. Celtic ancestry runs deep in my family, I get most of my blood genetics from the people of Ireland, and particularly those with Celtic roots. Whenever I use this tarot, it stirs something primal within me, a nostalgia I might even call it. Something about this deck always beckons me and it has served me very well, it is likely the best deck I have invested in to date. Some might consider the imagery unorthodox, but this is a deck that represents the oldest customs and beliefs of those times. I recommend this deck for those with more of a masculine polarity if you want a deck more comfortable for your energy!


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The Wildwood Tarot (New!)

This is a deck with a Celtic focus from the same makers of the Druid Craft tarot. I’ve only just bought this deck and I get such wonderful almost nostalgic feelings from it. I’ve yet to use it as frequently as my other decks but I can already tell that it will have a very wonderful place among my other cards. There is a big focus on animals in this deck I’ve found, but other primal archetypes are represented within as well. I could see someone who has an attachment to nature and the old ways finding an affinity with the Wildwood Tarot. Its a beautiful deck and I already adore it, I hope we can learn more about this deck together should you choose this one! 

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The Dragon Tarot

This is another beautiful deck that I have not used quite enough.  Anyone who loves dragons or fantasy will obviously love this deck! It has the most detailed imagery I’ve ever seen in cards. This deck has never been my particular go to, but it has become rather popular for the people I work with lately. The imagery is unique and stands out in its vibration among other tarot decks, its the black sheep if you’d call it that!


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Everyday Witch Tarot

This lovely deck is another of my favorites! The Everyday Witch tarot is friendly and gentle, but still carries quite a kick in its vibration! What less could be expected from us witchy folk? It pulls me into the cards with the wonder and enthusiasm of a child every time I use it, I guess you could say it takes you on an adventure of sorts!! It really is a kind deck, playful even, I can’t say enough good about the Everyday Witch Tarot!! I recommend this one for anyone that holds a lighthearted, curious outlook on life. It also bases much of its imagery on the original Rider-Waite Tarot, as you will find most decks often do.


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If there are any other decks you can recommend for my little army please let me know, I could always add to my little card family!! ❤

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